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Looking for a pregnancy journal that isn’t all blank pages asking what your thoughts and feelings are?!

I’ve got you.

Capture the growth, development, milestones, and more throughout your pregnancy journey with this unique journal. It is designed to make it practical to maintain, effortless to complete, enjoyable, and most importantly, memorable!

Once your pregnancy journey is complete, this journal becomes a cherished keepsake that you can share with your child in the future. It serves as a beautiful memento, allowing you both to relive the remarkable journey and bond over the incredible love that brought you together.

Embrace the joy of documenting your pregnancy with our Weekly Pregnancy Journal. Order now and let the pages come alive with your unique story, celebrating the miracle of life and the love that fills your heart as you embark on this incredible journey to motherhood.


* 50 pages (25 front and back)

* Hard Cover Front + Back

* Heavy Cardstock Paper

* Wire binding

* Weekly insight into your little ones growth and development

* Easy to fill out pages with details such as: cravings and aversions experienced that week, symptoms checklist, any doctors appointments, belly measurements, moms weight, how many weeks remaining until your due date, size of the baby (in fruit comparison), weekly milestones for the baby’s development, and a place for miscellaneous notes that you wish to remember.

* End of trimester recap pages include a place for remembering your thoughts and feelings about that trimester, something you won’t miss, something you’re looking forward to, your most memorable moment so far, and a spot for you to add a photo of your bump.

* The last 2 pages of the journal are placeholders for 4 ultrasound photos, with a spot for writing in the baby’s stats at the time of that ultrasound photo, such as weeks, days, length, weight.

* This beautiful journal is designed to be an aesthetically pleasing memory to look back on and remember all of the growth and changes throughout this special journey.

* It’s designed to make it practical, effortless, enjoyable, and so memorable!


This isn’t just a bunch of blank pages asking you what your thoughts are for the week. Sadly, I realized pretty quickly during my first pregnancy that I did not have the time nor the energy to write consistently. My journals all ended up blank for the most part and I realized I missed out on tracking the small intricate changes and milestones that I desperately wish I remembered later on.

I especially wished I had all of those details documented when I was pregnant again with my second baby and racking my brain as to what and when everything happened the first time around!

Of course it’s nice to write a few blurbs about your feelings here and there, which is why I created the end of trimester recap pages. They’re a great way to summarize the past few months and write about your journey!

The rest of the time, it’s more practical to have weekly pages that are all inclusive and easy to fill out!

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