Halloween is such a fun time of year for toddlers! It’s filled with candy, playing dress-up, decorations galore, and the jackpot of all jackpots: TRICK-OR-TREATING!

Creating traditions with your littles can help capture the fun and excitement of any holiday.

But unfortunately, holidays come with major anticipation and HIGH expectations.

Bringing that fun into your home will really strengthen your relationship with your toddler and create those lifelong traditions.

However, the pressure of creating traditions and being that crafty fun mom can be daunting.

That’s why I reached out to some amazing, creative, and crafty moms and got their best tips for simple HALLOWEEN ACTIVITIES FOR TODDLERS!

These crafts are all SIMPLE to create for us busy moms, use super AFFORDABLE materials, and are sure to be LOVED by your little goblins 🙂

Here are 11 fun and simple Halloween Activities for Toddlers:


Mummy Pumpkin Craft

I absolutely LOVE this adorable craft created by Sam at Simple Everyday Mom. It is so simple, fun, and affordable! This will definitely be a favorite for kids AND parents. It’s a fun no-mess option that anyone can do!


Easy Colored Spaghetti & Eyeball Halloween Sensory Bin

Another super fun and unique idea from Sam at Simple Everyday Mom is this sensory bin! A great affordable option that is so creative! Kids of all ages will absolutely GEEK OUT when they see this in front of them. I love how simple it is, how messy it SEEMS (but isn’t) and how much kids LOVE this. WINNER!!

Quick and Easy Pom-Pom Spiders

This ADORABLE idea comes from Betty at Mom Brite, and it only requires 4 simple materials! This fun craft will take the creepy out of spiders and make them super cute instead!

Easy Flying Paper Tube Bat Craft

Another winner from Betty at Mom Brite is this little bat made from a toilet paper roll! I love simple crafts that utilize affordable materials that we already have available to us, which is exactly this! So fun!

DIY Halloween Ghost from a Maple Leaf Tutorial

OMG. I cannot get over how EASY and AFFORDABLE this craft is! It was created by Sam at The Best Vinyl Cutters and it is absolutely GENIUS! All you need is a maple leaf, paint, and scissors. Hello, simplicity! And how fun is it to have them find their own leaf outside to use?! LOVE this idea!

Halloween Popsicle Stick Pumpkin Craft

Deanna from Honey & Lime created this simple craft, and it’s a good one! I love how easy it is, but it’s also durable and is something that can be displayed in your home and won’t bend or break easily. You can probably even save this one and bring it out every year as a decoration!

Fall Footprint Art

This fun idea comes from Shannon at The Freckled Foot Doc and is so cute! All kids love making a mess, so this one is sure to be a favorite of theirs. This also is a perfect opportunity to capture some super cute and unique photos of the kids with paint on their feet. Dual-purpose craft?! SCORE!

Spider Crafts

These fun spider crafts by Kim at The Best Ideas for Kids is something your child is sure to be so proud of. It is simple, but a little more involved than the other crafts. After they finish these adorable crafts, they will never want to part with it! So sweet!


DIY Halloween Wooden Spoons

This gem comes from Angela at The Inspiration Edit and is TOO STINKIN CUTE! I love these little guys! I can see my kids carrying them around as if they were their friends, giving them names, the whole works. These will last forever, and are so simple to make! Love!

Pumpkin Foam Faces Fridge Magnets

This staple was created by Mary from The Flying Couponer and is one that every family should do! Kids love fridge magnets, so it’s a brilliant idea to create holiday-specific magnets that they can keep and bust out every year! Super easy and affordable, so you know it’s a winner in my book!

Easy Halloween Pumpkin Watercolor Resist Painting

This idea comes from Jessica from The B Keeps Us Honest and it’s perfect for toddlers! Using a wax crayon to outline your drawing allows them to paint over it with watercolors and reveal the drawing! This is perfect for toddlers who aren’t the best at drawing difficult shapes, but still want to create their own pictures! So smart!


Well, that wraps up my top 11 HALLOWEEN ACTIVITIES FOR TODDLERS! I hope you enjoyed this round-up of some amazingly crafty moms who were so sweet to share their tips for creating fun memories and crafts with your kids!

Leave a comment below and let me know which craft was your favorite!!

Thanks for stopping by!


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