Does your baby or toddler hate bath time? Wish bath time wasn’t such a chore and was actually a fun experience for you and your little one?! You’re not alone.

Bath time can be scary for kids. But kids get dirty. EVERY SINGLE DAY. Bath time isn’t going anywhere, so learning how to make bath time fun is so important!

In this post I’ll be talking about bath time safety, the BEST bath toys, my favorite bath products, and my TOP bath time hacks to help you make bath time fun!

Let’s get started:



Making the bath a safe place is so important for preventing injuries and traumatic experiences. The bath is a fun place, but can also be pretty dangerous. Be sure to get everything set up safely BEFORE getting started.

  • Water spout cover. The water spout of a bathtub typically has a really sharp edge and is at the exact location where your child’s head might be. Using a water spout cover will prevent those inevitable head injuries and nasty bonks.
  • Grip mat. Mix soap, water, and a slippery bathtub and you’ve got yourself a recipe for disaster. Bathtubs can be extremely slippery, so using a grip mat on the bottom of the tub will prevent a lot of slipping and potential injuries.
  • Tearless shampoo. At some point, soap WILL get in their eyes. Avoid that painful burn by using kid-friendly tearless shampoo!
  • Temperature control. Always test the water before putting them in. Having water that is too hot or too cold can be pretty traumatizing for kids. Some people use thermometers to get the perfect temperature every time, but simply feeling the water before putting them works as well.
  • Avoid squirt toys or toys that collect water and are difficult (or impossible) to clean. The accumulation of water will eventually turn into mold and can be very dangerous for your child to play with. Consider sealing the holes with hot glue, or just avoid these toys altogether.

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Bath toys will be the key factor in making bath time fun. This will distract them from all the washing and scrubbing, and give them something fun to look forward to! Having toys that are specific to bath time and only used in the tub will have them BEGGING for their next bath!

  • Foam letters. These bath friendly foam letters will be a guaranteed favorite. These are so fun because not only do they float, but they stick to the wall and side of the bathtub! They come with a storage net that suctions to the wall which makes clean up a breeze and allows them to dry properly.
  • Bath cups. All kids love scooping up water and pouring it out. Over and over again. Sometimes it’s the simple things, right?! Use a cup, bowl, or anything they can scoop and pour with.
  • Bath books. Waterproof bath books are great if your little one loves storytime. They’re a fun and unique addition to bath time.
  • Waterproof doll. Having a waterproof doll can be really fun for kids taking a solo bath without any siblings. The bath doll gives them a companion and lets them feel more at ease knowing they aren’t in there alone. It also gives you a test subject for demonstrating certain tasks that your child is uneasy about, like rinsing their hair.
  • Bath swimmers. These little wind-up toys are such a fun distraction for kids. They are always amazed at the toy swimming through the water and its a great way to keep their little mind occupied while you scrub away.



Having the right bath products and tools to make bath time fun and simple is key. It’s important to be prepared and have the tools you need.

  • Pour spout. Having a kid-friendly pour spout that is designed to keep the water out of their face is a game-changer. Most kids will HATE having water drip into their faces. This always brought on major tears in our household, so I got a pour spout and haven’t had any tears since! You can also use a squirt bottle if you don’t have a pour spout available. These make for a fun toy they can play with when you’re done washing their hair.
  • Gentle tearless shampoo/body wash. I’ve had a few skin reactions with my sensitive skinned babies, so I stick to the most gentle and basic products. We’ve never had an issue with the Babyganics shampoo/body wash combo or Mustela gentle shampoo. Using a combo product is great until their hair is long enough to need something more targeted. (My crazy curly-haired babies definitely need something specific now.)
  • From the time they’re a newborn until they are big enough to sit up in the bath by themselves, you will need a baby bath. My favorite has always been the AngelCare Baby Bath. It is so simple, comfortable, affordable, and beyond easy to clean! It is super simple to store and is hands down my favorite baby bath.
  • Skip Hop Bath Set. If you’re looking for the water spout cover and the pour spout, this set has both of those products and MORE! It also includes an elbow pad and kneeler pad for your comfort (which shouldn’t be overlooked!) This set is a must-have for bath time fun in my opinion.
  • Robes and fun towels. These give them something to look forward to post-bath because bath time CAN be TOO MUCH FUN! Having so much fun makes it a hard sell to leave the nice warm bath for the cold air. Having a fun character towel and/or soft robe to bundle up in can make that transition much easier.
  • BUBBLE BATH! Bubbles are an obvious favorite to make bath time fun. Who doesn’t love bubbles?! Any bubbles work fine, but we like using a lot of bubbles. They go pretty quickly, so I buy huge bottles from Amazon that are affordable, last a long time, and even have a lavender scent for a nice calming touch.



These are some of my favorite bath time hacks that I’ve learned throughout the years. These hacks will make bath time even easier for you and your kids!

  • Bring their changing pad into the bathroom. After a fun and exciting bath, followed by awesome towels and robes, it can be difficult to pin them down to put on a diaper, lotion, and clothes. It can also be difficult wrapping them up and carrying a wet and squirmy child through the house into their room. Having the changing pad readily available makes it easy to lay them down and do your thing quickly and efficiently.
  • Put them in when the water is low. This gives them a little more time to adjust to the water and temperature. They also get to watch as you add the bubbles and you will have a better idea of when to stop filling the water when you can see them in it.
  • Warm their towel. Throwing their towel in the dryer before they get out can ease the temperature gap and give them that calm sense of comfort when getting out of the bath. Totally not necessary, but who doesn’t love a warm towel?! Kids are no exception!


This concludes my best hacks, tips, and products for making bath time fun!!!

Leave a comment below and let me know which tip worked the best for you!


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